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The processes of globalization, climate change, concern for the environment, an active dynamic life in society have a huge impact on interior design. All fashion trends in this area in 2023 are associated with the search for the perfect solution to create a harmonious comfortable space, in accordance with the realities of our day.

The emergence of a modern style is due to the fact that society seeks to move away from traditional cliches and rigid frameworks. Classic styles have unconditional values, but they connect the flight of the designer’s imagination and reduce the possibility of an individual approach to decorating your home.

Eclecticism, which is fundamental in the modern interior, is the main trend; in accordance with it, fashionable style develops and will continue to develop in the next season. It is interesting that a completely new, non-standard vision in interior design 2023 is closely related to all the baggage of the historical cultural heritage, the styles that have developed to date.


This interesting trend is not at all like the simple use of antiques in the modern interior space. Its deep meaning is to give another chance for life, for seemingly obsolete furniture, antique details, original fittings.

Today it is considered normal to explore the possibilities of reusing different materials and make something new from obvious waste. In the process of restoring old things, you can use, say, a reflective surface: changing colors and glossy metals, stained glass, resins and ceramics with various non-standard textures.

Usually, items that have been kept in families for years have their own value, personal history. For example, a restored grandma’s chest in a modern teen room will look chic. An antique buffet will brighten up any living or dining room.

Antiques, which are often sold at a flea market, sometimes at a low price, can be used in a very non-standard way. They are carefully restored, decorated with a new one: for example, covered with matte paint, patinated or something else. Old houses are being renovated in the same vein today. To the preserved historical elements, they boldly add what came to us from hi-tech and minimalism.


Today man wants to be closer to nature, which is absolutely normal and natural. Apartments in new houses certainly have a balcony, in which the owners almost always arrange a mini – garden, and do not use it as an additional storage room. The trend towards closeness to nature continues in fashionable interior design.

Furniture that looks like garden furniture (such as straw or vines) can proudly decorate the living room today. Naturally, all the rooms in the house are lined with plants. A large palm tree in the corner of the room in a white flowerpot is the undoubted and fashionable interior trend of 2023.

Choosing, for example, wood for finishing, you can always use a careful or, on the contrary, rough processing, which has a clear fiber structure. All natural cotton fabrics, such as linen or coarse calico, chintz, flannel or poplin, can and should be actively used when decorating a room.

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