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These terms and conditions of use (hereinafter collectively the “Terms of Use”) apply to all web pages (hereinafter collectively the “Website”) op- erated by HVN CONCEPT SDN BHD and/or its affiliated companies (hereinafter collectively “HVN CONCEPT”) as well as to the information and/or data made available to you on or via the Website in any form whatsoever (hereinafter collectively the “Information”). HVN CONCEPT SDN BHD is sole distributor of PERGO Laminate for Malaysia. By browsing the Website and/or downloading the Information, you agree to the following Terms of Use:

You agree that HVN CONCEPT may amend the Terms of Use at any time and without reference to you. The Terms of Use in force at any time are the Terms of Use as published on the Website.

You agree that you are solely liable for all damages and costs, including but not limited to legal costs on an indemnity basis, in respect of your use of the Website and/or the Information and any dispute arising therefrom, including but not limited to any dispute between you and HVN CONCEPT for any purpose whatsoever.

You are aware that the Information is for your private reference purposes only and does not contain any representations to you. You agree to be fully liable for ensuring the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or suitability for any particular purpose, of any of the Information used by you. You further agree that you do not rely on the Information in any way.

You agree that you have made, or will make, independent enquiries regarding the Information, including any necessary enquiries to professional advisers about any of the Information and about applicable laws and regulations.

You are aware that the availability, and your use, of the Website and/or the Information, is subject to HVN CONCEPT’s discretion and may be sub- ject to circumstances beyond HVN CONCEPT’s control. You agree that HVN CONCEPT may make any changes it deems fit to the Website and/or any of the Information without reference to you and you are fully liable for any consequences arising from any such change.

You are aware that colours used in HVN CONCEPT communications (including but not limited to the Website and/or the Information) and in samples of HVN CONCEPT’s products are for illustration purposes only. You are further aware that the perception of any colour may differ even if the same colour is used. You agree that HVN CONCEPT bears no liability to you, including liability for negligence, in relation to the use of any colours in the Website and/or the Information.

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