Wood Parquet

Home should be a place that allows you to relax, be yourself and enjoy life free from worry.
That’s why all our wood flooring is compatible with underfloor heating. At Pergo, this is the philosophy that guides the design of our wood flooring. To us, the look of a floor has always been as important as the ability to withstand everyday life. After all, what is the point of a beautiful wooden floor if the beauty doesn’t last?

The secret to Pergo durability for lacquered wood flooring!

Making wood floors allows us to work with a material that is made beautiful by nature.
However, wood floors can also be sensitive to discolouring from dirt and moisture.


That is why we are proud to introduce the StayClean protection.

Our Wood Flooring Collections

Do you prefer the smooth looking ash floor or a ragged look with visible knots and cracks? Is a low-maintenance lacquer surface protection for you? And what about bevels and different formats? In our collection you’ll find floors to suit a wide range of styles and preferences.

Pergo Flooring : For The Long Haul

What’s the secret behind our key role in the flooring industry? Our focus on quality and innovation for the future! By continuing to improve our product design and performance we keep a careful eye on sustainability. Find out more about our efforts in circularity, energy saving and emission control.

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